Red Dead Redemption 2 zou aankomende E3 worden onthuld en in ontwikkeling zijn voor PS4, Xbox One en PC. Dit meldt Reddit gebruiker AnonDN1978.


Volgens AnonDN1978 is Rockstar al drie-en-een-half jaar bezig met Red Dead Redemption 2, wat de toevoeging “Legends of the West” zou hebben. Het nieuwe deel zou een prequal zijn op het in 2010 uitgekomen deel. In het nieuwe deel zouden er 3 karakters de hoofdrol spelen, Seth, Irish en een derde speler die je zelf aan kunt maken. Hieronder de post van Reddit gebruiker AnonDN1978.

“The two “main” characters are Irish and Seth. Irish will be brought up in Ireland and will move to the Americas when he is fifteen and moves to the game setting when he turns twenty one. Seth is from Kansas City and works as a teller in a bank. He then hears of a treasure and uses his life savings to bring his family to Texas in the town of Tumbleweed. Throughout the story we experience him unraveling to his state of mind in the original game, losing his wife, children, home, and possessions to his treasure.

The third person is a character you create similar to multiplayer in GTA V. You choose his clothes and horse. Although you can unlock outfits for Seth and Irish, the third person (Who you name) can acquire all different kinds of Western tops, bottoms, boots, gloves, and hats.

Horses will also bring completely new customization to the game. You can choose there type/breed like the last game, but now you can also choose what saddle they have (with their own boosts and stats), storage, and paint.

You can also buy your own safe house and customize it.

Also, all of this carries over into multiplayer.

There will be many new and more thought out stranger missions as well as roughly thirty campaign missions for both Seth and Irish. The third character can be involved in the campaign, but can not be used in missions. He will appear as a “gun for hire” and works with Seth and Irish, tying the stories together.

“You” (the third character) will be in free roam, but Irish and Seth can be called in as companions (but not be played as), as well as other people. You will meet many of the characters from the original game including young Bonny Macfarlane, Sherriff, and even John Marston, but he will still be in his gang.

A big new part of the RDR prequel is the new gang system. You can join several different gangs, or if you think you are up for it you can join the law enforcement of certain towns, but this will restrict you on things you can do like robbing. Although you can rob it might cost you your hard earned career and possibly your life. You can also bring in a posse (up to 4-8 friends) to single player, technically co op now. You can take on certain side missions and a few campaign missions with your posse.”


Of dit allemaal klopt zullen we aankomende E3 gaan zien, het klinkt aannemelijk maar zonder bevestiging van Rockstar blijft dit een gerucht.

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